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ETH Raised
Raised: 805 ETH
ETH 3,200
ONC ICO Whitelist
In order to participate in the ONC Token ICO, please fill in the form with accurate details. Refer to this blog post for detailed information regarding the whitelisting process.

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ICO Track
4.8 /5
ICO Benchmark
4.9 /5
Holder ICO


Angel investment
February 10, 2018

1 ETH = up to 23,400 ONC

up to 17% bonus

21,000,000 ONC

July 4, 2018 - July 14, 2018

1 ETH = up to 23,000 ONC

up to 15% bonus

31,500,000 ONC

July 15 - July 31, 2018

1 ETH = up to 21,000 ONC

up to 5% bonus

42,000,000 ONC


The ONC Token, or "ONC" for short, is a standard Token based on ERC20 of ether square promoted by OneBtc platform. The total amount of ONC Token is 210 million, and it is guaranteed that it will not be issued with additional shares. The transaction will be opened immediately after the launch of OneBtc trading platform.

The application value of ONC is much more than that, and the ecology will gradually expand, so stay tuned for more applications.

  • Deduction processing fee
  • margin
  • The profit share out bonus
  • Global ONEBTC partners
  • ONC ecological
  • Trade in mining mode fuel
  • Priority should be given to platform innovation and application
  • Accelerated VIP rating
  • The vote on the currency
  • Platform to buy back
  • Commission dividend
  • New project airdrop
  • Decentralized trading fuel

OneBtc system is introduced

OneBtc platform adopts the most advanced distributed cluster architecture, and carries out micro-service split design for the system, ensuring the platform can accommodate tens of millions of users' throughput and ultra-high fault tolerance.

The OneBtc trading system USES a megabit-per-second memory matching system that allows each order to be completed in a very short time

Token distribution

Community sell
Founding team
Angel investment companies
Market development
ONC token cost: 0.097 CNY
Token sales period: Sold for 25 days, pre-sale for 10 days, group sales for 15 days
Will it be added: No additional issuance, constant 210,000,000 ONCs, never additional. Future repurchase will destroy 110,000,000 ONCs.
Total amount of tokens: 210,000,000
Token scheme: All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed
Buying tokens: Bitcoin (ВТC), Ethereum (ETH)
Hardcap: ETH 3,200

ONC token price

0.097 CNY

Total community sales



August 2017
ONC project establishment
January 2018
Get Angel Investment
February 2018
ONC starts presale
September 2018
Gradually complete the plan written in the white paper
November 2017
Complete ONC White Paper 1.0
February 2018
Team develops products
July 25, 2018
ONEBTC goes online

Fund use plan

  • 30%Technology research and development
  • 20%Push the market dry
  • 30%ONC ecological construction
  • 15%Day-to-day operations
  • 4%Expert advisers
  • 1%Intellectual property rights


ONEBTC (ONEBTC. ONE), registered in the republic of seychelles, platform founding team is a team of elite from high-tech enterprise, not only including early COINS players and chain block technology practitioners, continuous Internet entrepreneurs, but also the traditional financial market practitioners, high-tech angel VC investment, and from the former currency network operations director of fire, technical team members before BTCC, Microsoft, tencent, alibaba, AI and the industry's top elite. The team has always been committed to building the most professional digital assets comprehensive service platform to protect users' asset security and trading experience.

Our Team Members